“The trauma can say goodbye now!”

“The conversion today went flawlessly. Many thanks to you and the team for the smooth organisation. A special thanks also to your engineers, the car now drives the way I wanted it to. No more swerving when entering or leaving the slipstream of trucks and safe cornering. The trauma can now say goodbye. I will definitely recommend you positively.“
Sven B. from Halstenbek

Mercedes Sprinter reinforced shock absorbers

“It’s a huge difference”

“Thank you very much for making the fitting of the shock absorbers possible at such short notice. Also a big praise to Autohaus Raters and the very competent and friendly fitter!

We are thrilled with the shock absorbers and the “new” handling of our Carver. It is a huge difference and also conveys more safety to the driver and passenger. So all in all, I can recommend you and your shock absorbers wholeheartedly. It is actually incomprehensible that vehicles in this price range are not equipped with their shock absorbers as standard. I will now experience the return journey to Estonia much more relaxed than the outward journey.”
Bernhard H. from Euskirchen

Iveco Daily shock absorbers

“I am completely satisfied!”

“In the meantime I have driven 3500 km with the dampers and am completely satisfied (currently on Crete). Not only is the rocking over the front axle eliminated, but also the rolling behaviour is unbelievable or eliminated. Even with alternating excitation (left / right = throwing) on bad roads it goes to zero. Until now, I had to stop every 10 m, because the “car” was swaying so much that I thought the car was going to fall over.

I met an acquaintance here in Crete who followed me for 200 km on country roads in his Bimobil. He could hardly believe how my Phoenix was lying on the road and asked what I had done. He has never seen a motorhome with such a stable road holding – I think I have won another customer. Only the sensing behaviour (driving over small bumps in the road, e.g. slab bumps with a height of approx. 1 cm) is much harder than before. But you have to feel the increased damping somewhere.“
Gerhard F. from Rudersberg 

“Not to be recognised!“

“After 7500km through Sweden, Finland and Norway, we had had some cornering that made us scared. The camper pushed over the front axle, timber trucks could go faster into the curves with loads, we had to brake, sometimes to 50km/h.

Our motorhome is a Knaus 700 I based on a Fiat Ducato, 4.4 t, Goldschmitt air suspension, M11 springs on the front axle. During the trip, I started looking into what could be changed on the chassis. OK, there are many suppliers – but there is also Marquart, read reviews and called, great contact, thanks to Mrs Brundiers.

We arranged a prompt appointment with a company that Marquart has been working with for a long time. Many thanks also to Baro, competence and know-how worked out great, the work was done professionally within a very short time, THANK YOU for that, also for the loan car.

Now it was back home – 350km. The way my motorhome behaved on the way home – unrecognisable, motorway ups and downs, really fun, no pushing over the front axle, gusts of wind on the motorway were compensated for by the vehicle, hardly any countersteering. After 7500km, which still sat in my butt, now this driving experience. SUPER, someone, Mr.Marquart, has given it some serious thought and produced a great result. Thanks again. And for the readers of my report, NO, I did not receive any bonus payments.

Now we have them too – Marquart shock absorbers!!!!!“
Harald B. aus Grebenau

“It lies wonderfully on the road”

“The Sprinter’s handling has now improved considerably. At the beginning, when I was riding in the passenger seat on the test drive and it went over bumpy country roads, I was “slightly shocked at my courage to go for a harder chassis”. In the meantime, the dampers have settled/settled in and the shocks no longer come across as harsh. On the other hand, we filled out the questionnaire when ordering with regard to the ready-to-travel load for a whole year on the road, now I was travelling alone and with a fraction of the equipment (no passenger and her clothes, water tank empty, only one bike with me, no food boxes etc.). On the A81 between Würzburg and Heilbronn, which has a very bad surface (concrete slabs paved over with large shoulders, right lane with lorry damage), I could now actually drive quite well without everything flying around in the cupboards. The body roll on curbs, dirt roads, etc. has improved considerably. My wife noticed when getting in through the sliding door that the car hardly moves now. When cornering quickly on country roads, it sits beautifully on the road.”
Marc from Konstanz 

“It’s like day and night”

“The dampers reached me and were installed today. Rode the first 100km and it’s like night and day. The handling is much better, almost sporty. Top!”
Axel G. from Geretsried

“Yes, I am thrilled”

“Now after four weeks on German country roads and motorways in the Harz, in the Eifel, in the Ruhrpott, north of Hamburg and in Meck-Pom, I can say that the investment in tuned Marquart shock absorbers on the front axle has had a very positive effect on the driving characteristics of our Carver. Especially the many bumps on the motorways are easily absorbed without any further rocking or jumping, as it used to happen with the old original Iveco shock absorbers. The inclination in curves and sensitivity to crosswinds have become noticeably less.

For the journey home, I chose a well-known stretch of road that I know very well and that has a lot of bumps and transverse gullies. Previously, with the old Iveco shock absorbers, I could only creep along at a speed of between 60 and 65 km/h and still had to brake before the largest visible bumps, otherwise the Carver would sway until the front axle jumped, but the air suspension did not fail. This time I took my chances and always drove at a speed between 75 and 80 km/h and didn’t even brake.

Conversation with my wife: “Why are you speeding like that, think of the moose and reindeer, they’re out and about at this time of night.”
I: “Another shock absorber test on this swing track, it won’t be dark any more and we’ve already seen our “compulsory moose” in Sweden.
She: “The new shock absorbers are really better”
I: “Yes, I’m thrilled.”
Thank you for the good advice and service.“
Walter B. from Selbu

“The new driving behaviour is top-notch”.

“We would like to give you a short feedback from our installation appointment at Autohaus Raters today. Everything worked much faster than planned and the new handling is top notch. Many thanks also to you for the choice of shock absorbers. Yours sincerely”
Familie S. from Lübbecke

“We are very pleased!”

“I just wanted to thank you for arranging a date to have the shock absorbers fitted.  Now we have used them for a couple of weeks we are very pleased with them. They make the vehicle much more stable and the ride is much more comfortable. Thank you for your excellent service.“
Ian H. from Stratford upon Avon

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“It makes cornering fun again”

“Last Wednesday, the Raters company installed the new shock absorbers. They were changed within an hour. We were very satisfied with the service, I can only recommend it.
With the new dampers it is a difference like day and night, absolutely top. It makes cornering fun again. Thank you very much for the good advice.”“
Wolfgang K. from Wellrod 

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