“She drives so much better”

„She (we call her “WhyNot”, vintage ☀️ offgrid) travels so much better, no longer am I driving and looking down at the road. The new front springs have lifted the nose by a good bit. We also notice she doesn’t wobble around as much when we are parked up and moving inside the habitation area, also going around round-a-bouts.“
Timothy O. from Como

Fiat Ducato shock absorber

“Incredibly positive”

“The vehicle itself feels different. The dampers have an incredibly positive effect on the chassis, ride quality and handling. I’ve now driven around 1000 kilometres and even the 30 mm height gain on the front axle is noticeable. The swaying behaviour and bumps when driving through potholes or transverse grooves have been considerably reduced and contribute significantly to the improvement in driving comfort. My conclusion: any time again.”
Karlheinz F. from Neustadt am Rübenberge

“We are totally enthusiastic”

“Today we got the new shock absorbers installed by Marquart. MB Sprinter W907 all-wheel drive, (ML-T570 Crossover from Hymer). We are totally thrilled, completely new safety and driving feeling, simply top. The handling with Marquart (Mr. Saadi) was simply great. Thank you very much.
Conny & Wolfgang I. from Wuppertal  

“A huge difference”

“I was on the road last weekend with the new shock absorbers installed in my Hymer B634. I should have replaced the shock absorbers that were originally fitted years ago. It’s a huge difference now with the overall driving stability. The previous extreme swaying when overtaking or in crosswinds is gone with the new shock absorbers. The car drives incredibly stable with the greatest possible ride comfort. I am thrilled with the new shock absorbers from Marquart. Thank you for your professional advice.“
Björn W. from K.  

“We are very pleased”

“We received the reinforced shock absorbers stage 3, installed them on Monday 23 January and took them for a test drive. We are very pleased to have taken the stage 3 as the vehicle now rocks less and there is hardly any loss of height after loading. We told our motorhome dealer about our shock absorber change and he asked for your contact details.“
Alain C. from Séné

“Top satisfied”

Dämpfer eingebaut, Probefahrt, Ergebnis = top zufrieden. Dankeschön 🤗
Marco H. aus Elpenrod 


“The shock absorbers are simply super !!!“

“The shock absorbers are simply super! The Sprinter camper now drives almost like a car and perhaps the front axle will also get these super dampers. The conversion should actually go into series production. I was very happy to pay the bill. Thank you for the good advice.”
Ralf K. from Siegen

“No more swaying, rocking or the like“

“After very competent advice from Mr Marquart, we decided on shock absorbers rather than air suspension for our “old lady”, a 21-year-old Hymer. No more swaying, rocking or the like any more. The “old lady” and we are happy about every trip. Many Thanks for everything.”
Family R. from Leipzig

“I can only recommend these shock absorbers“

“Our Hymer S740 on Sprinter W905 chassis swayed enormously in strong crosswinds. Even when being overtaken by a truck or driving over bridges, the motorhome was difficult to control and when cornering, the vehicle tilted extremely far to the side. In many forums an air suspension was recommended, but this retrofit did not bring the desired success…
After researching on the net, I came across the Marquart company. They also had the corresponding articles in stock. The price of 1200,00 € for four shock absorbers sounds a lot, but I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the conventional original shock absorbers and the Marquart shock absorbers. You no longer sit like on a rocking horse. If you are overtaken by a truck, you only notice a slight pressure and that’s it. Even in strong crosswinds, you have full control of the camper. …Before you spend a lot of money on air suspension, I can only recommend these shock absorbers to every camper friend.“
Peter E. from Potsdam

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