Satisfied customers report…

“A complete success, I am satisfied throughout”

“I have been testing the dampers for the last four days and I have to say that I can really feel a big difference, the rolling is almost gone, the driving on roundabouts, bends and motorway entrances is much better. Nevertheless, I have not noticed any noticeable loss of comfort. Even my wife (passenger) has noticed that it drives better. In summary: a complete success, I am thoroughly satisfied.”
Roger R. from Stalden


“Absolutely top!“

“We picked up our big car yesterday and went for a drive. ABSOLUTELY SUPER! … The response is excellent, the steering precision noticeably increased. You can even accelerate out of a roundabout. The front body roll is finally at a good level, before it was a catastrophe! You can even catch yourself corners, which with a 4 tonne vehicle is enough to make you grin! All in all: absolutely top! I will recommend you at every possible opportunity!”
Bernd L. from Weilheim

It’s a completely different driving experience

“It is a completely different driving experience” writes the owner of this Mercedes 814 after converting to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart.

“I am super happy“

„Ich kenne mein FZ (Mercedes Vario) nun seit 15 Jahren – ein Schüttelbecher vom ersten Tag an!! Nun, mit Ihren Stossdämpfern ausgestattet, ist dies erst ein richtiger Mercedes!! Kein Schütteln-Wanken-Wippen mehr!! S U P E R!! Auch der Geradeauslauf ist mustergültig, ich musste vorher immer Links-rechts korrigieren. Bin fast 5 000 km gefahren, inkl. üblen Pisten in Argentinien. Ich bin super happy.”
Markus R. aus Kirchdorf

“I am impressed by the road holding”

“I am impressed with the road holding, especially on roundabouts. Before fitting, I had the feeling that my vehicle (Peugeot J5) would tip over, now it drives like a go-kart. Very good road holding, much safer. Apart from that, I have noticed that my vehicle has firmer suspension and the comfort has improved. I will recommend your products to my circle of acquaintances.”
Richard R. from Châlette-sur-Loing

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“The chassis is unrecognisable“

“I ordered shock absorbers for my Concorde XT 590 on a Sprinter basis from you on Thursday this week. The shock absorbers arrived on Friday and I installed them today. Simply the Meggggggaaaaaa Hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!! The suspension is unrecognisable. Finally relaxed driving and no more swaying. I will recommend your company to everyone I meet. Transferred the bill today with a smile. Many, many thanks.”
Frank S. from Oyten

“Thank you for your wonderful shock absorbers!“

“Thank you very much for your wonderful shock absorbers! As you predicted, they have completely changed the driving experience. It is now a real pleasure to drive the old Mercedes bus.”
Peter B. from Bristol

No more teetering

The mobile home as a bouncy castle! Reinforced shock absorbers prevent this Fiat Ducato based motorhome from bouncing.

“I can only recommend these shock absorbers“

“Our Hymer S740 on Sprinter W905 chassis swayed enormously in strong crosswinds. Even when being overtaken by a truck or driving over bridges, the motorhome was difficult to control and when cornering, the vehicle tilted extremely far to the side. In many forums an air suspension was recommended, but this retrofit did not bring the desired success…
After researching on the net, I came across the Marquart company. They also had the corresponding articles in stock. The price of 1200,00 € for four shock absorbers sounds a lot, but I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the conventional original shock absorbers and the Marquart shock absorbers. You no longer sit like on a rocking horse. If you are overtaken by a truck, you only notice a slight pressure and that’s it. Even in strong crosswinds, you have full control of the camper. …Before you spend a lot of money on air suspension, I can only recommend these shock absorbers to every camper friend.“
Peter E. from Potsdam

“I am thrilled and very satisfied”

“I installed the shock absorbers in the old year and the first impression was very good, as expected. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to extensively test the handling on the motorway and mountain passes by driving over the Julier Pass into the Engadine. I am thrilled and very satisfied, the sideways swaying, the bouncing, the pitching when braking etc. is reduced many times over and the directional stability is also more precise.”
Fredy M. from Würenlos

“Our Iveco is an absolutely new vehicle“

“What a difference to the original IVECO shock absorbers. With the Marquart shock absorbers, our Iveco is an absolutely new vehicle. No body roll and bounce, no more slight bumps. Our motorhome drives / runs almost like on rails. Curves are negotiated cleanly and no longer require any steering correction. Before, depending on the radius of the bend and the wind, the body swayed and always caused a queasy feeling, at least for me. Now I have to be careful not to go too fast. With the new shock absorbers, driving and travelling is finally fun according to the motto: reach your destination safely and calmly.
Evaristo P. from Paraguay

Read more: “Our Iveco is an absolutely new vehicle“
Iveco Daily shock absorbers

“An almost unbelievable new driving experience“

“Now that the front struts and rear shock absorbers have been changed, we have an almost unbelievable new driving experience. Our Challenger Ford Transit 2019 now has a top chassis. You can now overtake trucks in a relaxed manner without the vehicle starting to sway. That was not possible before. Now our motorhome is really fun. Thank you very much.”
Hans-Peter A. from Lautenbach

VW LT 35

Reinforced shock absorbers make this VW LT35 far more stable. The annoyance has finally an end.

“The ride is so much more pleasant“

“We are back from our first test drive of the truck with the new shock absorbers and the difference is just amazing! Where it used to rock and sway when leaving the yard, now it just feels stable. I can even drive it through roundabouts in 3rd gear! I also feel like it has better acceleration. I guess because we don’t lose as much energy to rocking, more energy is directed forward, even though we were driving in the snow with a headwind. The whole ride is so much more comfortable and reassuring. It’s still recognisably my beloved old truck, but just much, much better. I can’t thank you guys enough!”
Zoe G. from Witney

“The driving experience is now sensational“

“The driving experience is now sensational. Both the comfort and the stability of our Mercedes Sprinter now leave nothing to be desired… Such service and an open ear for the customer are very, very rare these days. Even my wife, who was critical of the whole “Sprinter conversion” project from the outset, has positively recognised that we are now travelling very comfortably. The Sprinter took an evasive manoeuvre on the motorway at 110 km/h, which was not my fault, with aplomb. Thank you!”
Denis S. from Halle

“These shock absorbers are absolutely recommended“

“The shock absorbers have far exceeded my expectations. It’s a completely different driving experience, not only on uneven surfaces but also at higher speeds on the motorway. The lorry is now much more stable and no longer bounces. These shock absorbers are highly recommended. Thank you very much!”
Kaspar G. from Frankfurt

“For more stress-free and relaxed driving“

“…The swimming, especially on bad roads sloping outwards, is completely gone as are apparently all motorway construction sites, verges, bends, crossings and transitions have been freshly ironed out. Curves can be driven true to track, crosswinds are less noticeable; Much more stress-free and relaxed driving! Likewise, you no longer think you are in a shelter on a ship. And also very special special thanks for your personal advice and commitment. We felt very well looked after!…”
Pitta and Christof S. from Heerbrugg

Marquart’s reinforced shock absorbers teach chassis handling. We would like to thank all of our customers for providing us with the photos and for their commitment in creating the video.

Here you can see a selection of motorhomes and vehicles from customers who have converted to Marquart reinforced shock absorbers.

It’s a completely different driving experience

“It is a completely different driving experience” writes the owner of this Mercedes 814 after converting to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart.

Mercedes Vario police van

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart significantly reduce the rocking on this former Mercedes Vario police car.

No more teetering

The mobile home as a bouncy castle! Reinforced shock absorbers prevent this Fiat Ducato based motorhome from bouncing.

Iveco Before / After

“I am very satisfied. The test drive with the trailer is still to come, but without the trailer there is already a noticeable difference. Thank you very much.”

VW LT 35

Reinforced shock absorbers make this VW LT35 far more stable. The annoyance has finally an end.

Mercedes Benz Vario 609

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart prevent the vehicle from rocking up without braking after driving through bumps.

No more dangerous swaying

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart considerably prevent dangerous rocking.

Iveco 75-14AW

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart bring stability and calm to the chassis of this former fire brigade.

Before / after Mercedes 709D

From rocking horse to sedan chair: When standing, reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart reduce rocking movements considerably.

If your vehicle is also causing problems, please write to us.
Describe the problem, tell us the original spare part number (OE) and/or the chassis number (VIN), the year of manufacture and the permissible total weight.
You will find the OE number stamped on the casing or protective tube of the shock absorber currently installed in the vehicle. For the VIN (vehicle identification number), see registration certificate line E.
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