“I can only recommend these shock absorbers“

“Our Hymer S740 on Sprinter W905 chassis swayed enormously in strong crosswinds. Even when being overtaken by a truck or driving over bridges, the motorhome was difficult to control and when cornering, the vehicle tilted extremely far to the side. In many forums an air suspension was recommended, but this retrofit did not bring the desired success…
After researching on the net, I came across the Marquart company. They also had the corresponding articles in stock. The price of 1200,00 € for four shock absorbers sounds a lot, but I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the conventional original shock absorbers and the Marquart shock absorbers. You no longer sit like on a rocking horse. If you are overtaken by a truck, you only notice a slight pressure and that’s it. Even in strong crosswinds, you have full control of the camper. …Before you spend a lot of money on air suspension, I can only recommend these shock absorbers to every camper friend.“
Peter E. from Potsdam