“You can really tell the difference!”

The shock absorbers are mounted and we have been on the road with them in France for a fortnight. We would like to give you positive feedback. You can really notice the difference. Thank you again for the great advice.
Monika and Rainer D. from Cologne

“The difference is fierce!”

We have now driven a few kilometres with the new dampers. My best co-driver of all said at some point: Finally they’ve done this motorway too. And later: Watch out for ruts! In reality, the motorway had not been rebuilt, and there were already ruts several kilometres before the sign.

The car (Holiday Rambler Monaco) really runs so much better now that it makes a huge difference. While I used to have shoulder pain after just a few kilometres and had to “row” quite cramped to stay on course in crosswinds or ruts, it now drives like on rails. Fully fuelled, ready for the holidays and with a high tarpaulin trailer with a car in it. Trailer weight about 19 tonnes, 18 metres long, soon 4 metres high. I am really thrilled and am only annoyed that I didn’t get to know the Marquart company earlier. By the way, the suspension comfort has also gained, because otherwise there was sometimes a sagging that I haven’t experienced so far. I used to think: If an air suspension doesn’t take it, it’s just a big hole. Now I know that their dampers help there too. I’m all the more thrilled because my “old dampers” don’t seem to be broken either. In any case, they don’t oil, and when you squeeze or pull them apart, they really resist. But the difference is huge.
Mark H. aus Nidda-Harb 

“It is an incredible change“

“We installed the shocks about 3 weeks ago and went on the road with the living trunk for the first time yesterday. It is an incredible change. The vehicle hardly wobbles any more and can now be moved safely through bends. The pitching has also disappeared. The fact that there is still hardly any loss of comfort amazes me. The vehicle has become a little firmer and seems almost sporty – very pleasant. The level they recommended was very correct. Even in solo operation as a pure semitrailer tractor – here there is always a “buck” due to the low load on the rear axle – the comfort has been improved in my opinion.”
Manuel S. from Langen

Scania with reinforced shockabsorbers from Marquart
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VW LT 35

Reinforced shock absorbers make this VW LT35 far more stable. The annoyance has finally an end.

“I am impressed by the road holding”

“I am impressed with the road holding, especially on roundabouts. Before fitting, I had the feeling that my vehicle (Peugeot J5) would tip over, now it drives like a go-kart. Very good road holding, much safer. Apart from that, I have noticed that my vehicle has firmer suspension and the comfort has improved. I will recommend your products to my circle of acquaintances.”
Richard R. from Châlette-sur-Loing

“An almost unbelievable new driving experience“

“Now that the front struts and rear shock absorbers have been changed, we have an almost unbelievable new driving experience. Our Challenger Ford Transit 2019 now has a top chassis. You can now overtake trucks in a relaxed manner without the vehicle starting to sway. That was not possible before. Now our motorhome is really fun. Thank you very much.”
Hans-Peter A. from Lautenbach

“The car is hardly recognisable”

“My VW Crafter drives absolutely great with the new dampers compared to the factory-fitted dampers. Without knowing how the next tuning stage works, I can only say that it was the right decision – thanks to your help and the test drive. The car runs flawlessly, hardly recognisable… Once again, thank you for the advice and also the implementation.”
Elmar H. from Rheda-Wiedenbrück

“Now our Peugeot Boxer drives like a completely different car“

“The shock absorbers are now installed. What can I say? … Now our Peugeot Boxer 435 drives like a completely different car. Suspension and damping now seem to work together harmoniously. … Due to the compression damping of the shock absorbers, the car no longer dives and the tuning of the rebound damping prevents any swaying without making the chassis seem hard. Together with the original rear air suspension, we now have a fantastic driving experience – comfortable, safe and almost sporty. As ambitious mountain bikers, we appreciate a successful suspension set-up. … Many thanks for these improvements!”
Roland A. from Weichering

“Absolutely top!“

“We picked up our big car yesterday and went for a drive. ABSOLUTELY SUPER! … The response is excellent, the steering precision noticeably increased. You can even accelerate out of a roundabout. The front body roll is finally at a good level, before it was a catastrophe! You can even catch yourself corners, which with a 4 tonne vehicle is enough to make you grin! All in all: absolutely top! I will recommend you at every possible opportunity!”
Bernd L. from Weilheim

“Drives like a different vehicle“

“I was supplied with several sets of shock absorbers to “try on” until the perfect
perfect set-up was found. And what can I say, our motorhome drives like a different vehicle. Some of the previous speakers wrote that the motorhomes could now be driven like cars, and I can only agree with that! It’s fun to be on the road again. We have already tested off-road and on the highway as well as on the motorway. Even with strong crosswinds and aerodynamics like a billboard, the chassis remains very stable! Thanks to Marquart. Best regards from the Eifel.”
Marco S. from Pfeffingen

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