Heavy duty shock absorbers for pick-ups

Marquart heavy duty shock absorbers: also very strong for pick-up trucks

Pick-up vehicles are demanded a lot every day. Hardly any other type of vehicle is so frequently on the road, on construction sites and off-road. That’s why pick-up shock absorbers wear out much faster than other commercial vehicles.

Marquart offers a wide range of off-road shock absorbers for all popular brands such as:

  • Ford Ranger
  • Nissan NP 300
  • Nissan D21 and 22
  • Mitsubishi D40
  • Mitsubishi L20
  • Toyota Hillux
  • Mercedes X
  • VW Amarok

Bumps and muddy roads? No problem!

Marquart reinforced shock absorbers for pick-ups have the necessary ‘tight’ characteristics to make your pick-up stable off-road. Our shock absorbers have thicker piston rods, a larger oil volume and progressive characteristics. Marquart’s reinforced shock absorbers grip faster, prevent uncontrolled bouncing and keep your vehicle firmly on track. Whether the challenge is potholes, muddy roads or steep, uneven climbs: Let the shock absorber specialist Marquart advise you individually. And of course, your pickup truck with Marquart shock absorbers also has a clear advantage on asphalted roads. We will find the right solution for every problem, even if you want to raise or lower your vehicle..

Here you can read about the experiences of our customers who have upgraded to Marquart shock absorbers. Many have the feeling of driving a new car. “The vehicle clambers through the terrain much more smoothly. As a result, there are far fewer ‘hard’ impacts due to the reduced tendency to dip, and therefore abrupt pressure peaks on the tyre contact patch. The vehicle simply doesn’t dig in as quickly.” Put your trust in reinforced shock absorbers for pick-ups from Marquart. Send us an enquiry.

Customers reviews…

“That’s an incredible effect. I have a new car.“

The conclusion of satisfied customers who have installed heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart. “The vehicle is unrecognisable.”
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Experience a relaxed and confident ride for your motorhome, van, pick-up or heavy-duty vehicle.
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Marquart shock absorbers for Pick-Ups

Relaxed driving even on bad road surfaces
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