• Step 1 : OE-Numbers

    Step 1 : Can an OE number (original spare part) be read on the shock absorber? This number is usually located on the protective or outer casing. If this number has become illegible due to rust or other weathering, we need the dimensions of the shock absorber.
  • Step 2 : Length of the damper

    Step 2 : We need the lengths of the damper completely compressed and pulled apart completely. Take your time to actually bring the dampers to the respective end positions in order to prevent incorrect measurements. With ‚eyes‘ (bushings) we measure the body from the middle of the ‚eye‘ to the middle of the ‚eye‘ on the other side (see first photo under step 1). For ‚pins‘ (rod threads) we measure up to the end of the shock absorber body. (The ‚pin‘ is NOT measured for the determination of the shock absorber length).

    Step 2 : Length of the damper

  • Step 3 : Mounting type and dimensions:

    Step 3: Mounting type and dimensions:
    Bushing diameter: You don’t have a caliper? No problem. Put the paper on the opening of the bush with the pencil over it…measure (see second photo under step 1).
    Length of the bush: Place the bush head on the edge of the table, push in the bolts, mark with a pin and then measure… (see third photo next).
    Length of the pen and its diameter (see last photo under step 3).
  • Step 4 : Special features

    Step 4 : Is your vehicle a special design (e.g. motorhome, tanker, cart) or do you have special requirements for your chassis? For example a high additional load or changed centre of gravity (large tanks, motorcycles carried along, a boat on the roof or other)? Please let us know and we will be happy to respond to these requirements with tailor-made dampers. In order to be able to process your inquiry as quickly as possible, we need the OE number (original spare part). You will find the OE number stamped on the casing or protective tube of the shock absorber currently installed in the vehicle. Or give us the FIN (vehicle identification number, see registration certificate line E).
    Our customer service team will manage your enquiry.

    Step 4 : Special features

In the following search field you can enter the original spare part numbers (OE) of various brands from the commercial vehicle sector. Please enter ONLY the number without special characters or spaces.


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