Marquart shock absorbers for industrial applications

Shock absorbers are not only installed in vehicles, but also in numerous technical installations, devices and buildings.

Did you know that radio towers, for example, must undergo regular TÜV testing? And that they also have shock absorbers installed? Purchases costing millions can suddenly be worthless if they are no longer allowed to be put into operation.

Whether for

  • Harvesters
  • Bowling alleys
  • Vibrating machines
  • Railways
  • Conveyor belts

Shock absorbers are used everywhere. The range of applications for shock absorbers in industry is therefore enormously extensive. Should the shock absorbers ever become defective, this usually results in serious problems.

To ensure that the devices continue to function perfectly and are not taken out of service by the TÜV, you can rely on shock absorbers from Marquart for industrial applications. We will find the right solution for you from our extensive stock or develop a customised solution with you.

With older devices and machines, the manufacturers often no longer exist. That’s where we come in and support you with our decades of expertise in the field of shock absorbers.

Here you can read about the experiences of our customers who have converted to Marquart shock absorbers. Many have the feeling of driving a new car. Switch to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart. Send us an enquiry.

Marquart shock absorbers for industrial applications

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