Things to know about reinforced shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are an important component of driving safety and are exposed to a wide variety of loads in the commercial vehicle sector. Especially in special vehicles, the standard dampers almost always quickly reach their load limit, This limits their usefulness and endangers safety. Here we have compiled some useful information on reinforced shock absorbers. Check the condition of your shock absorbers regularly!


For a comfortable and safe ride in your commercial vehicle at all times, it is essential to check the condition of the shock absorbers approximately every 20,000 kilometres. The first method is a simple visual inspection: traces of oil on the shock absorber are the first signs that you should have the shock absorber replaced.


Also check the tyres for uneven wear. Another method of diagnosis is to rock the vehicle from side to side. If you count more than one swing after removing the load, it means that the suspension strut or shock absorber is defective.


Rely on professionals who take the necessary measurements on a test bench to obtain a precise diagnosis. Are your shock absorbers too weak, often defective or leaking? WE SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM! With powerful shock absorbers from Marquart Germany. Inform now without obligation!