Reinforced shock absorbers for historial-commercial vehicles

Oldies but Goldies

Classic cars and historical commercial vehicles are our cultural assets. Not only for museums and classic car clubs, but also for advertising, as a financial investment or not least to have fun with it. This segment is enjoying increasing popularity. Who doesn’t have to smile when you meet one of these rare giants?

The restoration and conservation of historic commercial vehicles is often a major challenge for both young and classic cars. It is difficult to find spare parts for older used commercial vehicles and technical information on chassis components is often no longer available.

This is no longer a problem for you as our customer. All we need from you are the dimensions of the dampers installed, the dimensions of the fastening and the demands made. Then we will find the right shock absorber for you from our extensive stock.

It is possible that we change the mounting of the shock absorber for very ‚exotic‘ shock absorbers, or adapt it with tailor-made CNC sleeves, bushings or washers. As a rule, custom-made products are also on their way to you within 24 hours. It’s not a problem anymore. With the dimensions of the installed shock absorbers, the dimensions of the mounting and the requirements, we will find the right shock absorber for you.

Our reinforced sgockaborbers have a positive effect on other chassis components

Among other things, this results in better steering behaviour. And last but not least, some centimeters of height that have shrunk over the years can be added again. Expensive custom-made products are therefore superfluous. The performance of our dampers is just as convincing as our prices. The new handling of your oldies will inspire you.

We are also happy to be your partner in finding the perfect shock absorber for vehicle conversions

Whether food truck, refrigerated vehicle or expedition vehicle projects based on historical vehicles. Raised or lowered, comfortable or progressive, we have every option in stock.

Here you will find shock absorbers for the entire range of brands of historic commercial vehicles. From the MAN G90 as a flatbed truck to the MAN Transporter 12.170 to the MAN KAT, we have shock absorbers in stock for all models. Just like for Mercedes Benz trucks from the T1 „Bremer“ panel van to Vario and „Düsseldorfer“ to Mercedes Trucks LK to SK.

We bring old Iveco trucks like the 90-16 AW back on the road as well as old Buessing buses, Setra-Kässbohrer, even double-decker trucks from Berlin or London. Also Magirus Deutz utility vehicles…from dump trucks to off-road vehicles… Krupp LKW, Faun LKW or even exotics like Mack Trucks and Tatra LKW.

Satisfied customers report after having switched to shocks from Marquart: “As if I had a new car!“

Here you can read about the experiences of our customers who have converted to Marquart shock absorbers. Many have the feeling of driving a new car. Switch to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart. Send us an enquiry.

Marquart shock absorbers for historial-commercial vehicles

Relaxed driving even on bad road surfaces
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