Heavy duty shock absorbers for expedition vehicles

Into the Wild

Explore the world, go wherever you want, far away from civilization? And you always have your own apartment with you. Pure freedom! With expedition vehicles, you can also provide for yourself and move in remote areas for weeks on end. These off-road special vehicles are designed for extreme tours and trips into the wilderness.

A thorough diagnosis and maintenance of your expedition vehicle is essential to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your adventure. Only 100% reliable technology will not endanger your expedition. Therefore, have your shock absorbers checked before starting your journey. And think about what you expect from your vehicle and shock absorbers. Isn’t it time for you to upgrade to the „bear class“?

Heavy duty shock absorbers for expedition vehicles

Our shock absorbers are so robust that they perform excellently even after thousands of kilometres on unpaved roads and gravel tracks. Our shock absorbers have thicker piston rods, a larger oil volume and progressive characteristics. Reinforced Marquart shock absorbers grip faster. With Marquart shock absorbers, driving through deep potholes is no longer a problem. With reinforced shock absorbers, your expedition vehicle can take on any challenge. Just get in and go. The increase in comfort and safety with reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart will inspire you.

“No matter which slope my MB Vario 816 all-wheel drive has to master, the safety gain is enormous … The vehicle simply doesn’t dig in so quickly. Thank you again for your fine solution,” says a satisfied customer who has converted his vehicle to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart. You can read more about this on our customer testimonials page. Send us an enquiry.

Customers reviews…

“That’s an incredible effect. I have a new car.“

The conclusion of satisfied customers who have installed heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart. “The vehicle is unrecognisable.”
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Experience a relaxed and confident ride for your motorhome, van, pick-up or heavy-duty vehicle.
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Marquart shock absorbers for expedition vehicles

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