Heavy duty shock absorbers for municipal commercial vehicles

Municipal commercial vehicles are constantly subjected to repetitive loads

Constantly recurring unilateral movements of the vehicle body are the norm for municipal commercial vehicles. The load on the shock absorbers is correspondingly high. This applies, for example, to special vehicles such as those used for winter services, where snow ploughs and snow blowers always clear the snow to the same side. Or trucks with front or side loaders. Here, reinforced shock absorbers for commercial vehicles provide a remedy.

Municipal commercial vehicles are generally in use for many years. It is therefore all the more important to opt for high-quality vehicle components that not only withstand the daily demands, but also the traces of time.

We offer shock absorbers for municipal commercial vehicles such as:

  • garbage collection vehicles, bulky garbage vehicles
  • Street cleaning sweepers
  • Snow clearing services, winter services
  • Road sign cleaner with crane
  • Vehicles with cranes for tree care
  • Vehicles for the maintenance of green areas
  • Vehicles for leaf removal
  • Company car for passenger transport
  • City delivery van
  • Other vehicles with front, rear or side loaders and various compaction mechanisms

Heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart for municipal commercial vehicles: robust and enduring

Marquart reinforced shock absorbers are ideal for all these applications. Due to a robust interior with thicker piston rod, very long piston rod guide and more oil content, Marquart shock absorbers are more durable and have greater reserves. They also respond much faster to minimize vehicle roll from the start. Whether the Mercedes Actros used to the limit, the often overloaded Fuso Canter or the high-legged Unimog with ‚innate‘ roll, whether ancient or brand new, we have a solution for every problem.

Constant overloads allow standard dampers to fatigue quickly. This makes driving even more dangerous than it already is. In addition, other suspension components suffer from weak shock absorbers. You have solved this problem with our reinforced shock absorbers for municipal commercial vehicles. Safer driving behaviour on the one hand and a useful side effect on the other: They reduce the wear of other chassis components. Thanks to our heavy duty dampers, both the steering and the springs, not to mention the tyres, show significantly lower wear.

On our customer testimonials page, satisfied vehicle owners report that they have switched to Marquart. Among them are a number of municipal fleets and equipment suppliers. Send us an enquiry. We’ll be happy to help.

Marquart shock absorbers for municipal commercial vehicles

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