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Heavy duty shock absorbers for camper-vans

Is your motorhome rocking and pitching? Does changing lanes make your RV lurch?

Your recreational vehicle‘s shock absorbers are too weak or even defective. Replace them with heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart!

Campervans are usually based on light commercial vehicles or on a modified truck chassis. The original shock absorbers on these vehicles are often not suited to recreational vehicles since they don‘t take their new usage requirements into account:

  • a completely different vehicle height and width
  • a long overhang (measured from the middle of the rear axle to the end of the vehicle)
  • additional tanks (moving load)
  • a motorcycle rack at the rear (changed centre of gravity) or
  • a boat on the roof (raised centre of gravity)

Updating the shock dampers on your recreational vehicle is the best way to improve the handling. safety, and overall driving experience.

Special challenge with the chassis of motorhomes:

Marquart offers customised dampers for every need and every type of vehicle: be it the Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato or Iveco Daily. The VW Crafter, Renault Master, Peugeot Boxer or Ford Transit. The VW Crafter, Renault Master or Peugeot Boxer. Upgrade to stronger and firmer shock absorbers for the rear axle, firmer but still comfortable shock absorbers for the front axle. We also offer suspension struts for the Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer and other vehicles. These prevent slipping or buckling in sharp turns, roundabouts and when braking. They‘re especially required for vehicles with alcoves. Reinforced shock absorbers for motorhomes from Marquart respond much faster than standard shock absorbers. They not only prevent damage, they also reduce the rolling movement, which can cause motion sickness and make your RV feel like a ship on the choppy seas.

Shock absorbers from Marquart Germany offer:

  • Increased stability in crosswinds and when driving over bridges
  • Better handling in storms and gusts
  • Stability on winding roads, no more bouncing and slipping in turns
  • Excellent stability driving in roundabouts
  • Swinging, jumping and spongy steering are a thing of the past…

Custom solutions for safer driving

We are often asked by RV drivers, “What can I do to improve the handling on my motorhome? Should I have installed an air suspension in my RV?”

Among other things, an air suspension makes sense when you want to raise the level of the vehicle. This is especially true for vehicles with a long rear overhang (middle rear axle to end of the vehicle) if you frequently use ferries or drive up and down steep entrances and exits.
An air suspension can also be advantageous if the vehicle is sensitive to wind. However, an air suspension only works vertically.

The horizontal forces (lateral swaying, wobbling and all pitching and rocking movements) however are important for handling. To significantly improve the handling of a vehicle, progressive heavy duty shock absorbers (which react faster) are the first choice. As soon as the body moves from the horizontal position, it must be held in place by a strong yet finely tuned rebound damping. The compression stage of our shock absorbers allows a quick compression while keeping the cabin stable. No matter what experience you have with your Bimobil or Carthago, Concorde, Wochner, Bürstner or a vehicle from another body manufacturer: Marquart shock absorbers with perfectly matched rebound and compression stages of the front and rear axles keep the vehicle safely on track even in precarious situations.

We are happy to cater to your specific requests to find the perfect damper that meets your requirements. We have custom solutions in stock. You can order to upgrade your shock absorbers and improve your driving safety. Even for rare brands and vehicles we are usually able to find suitable shock absorbers. We can even find retrofit solutions for classic cars and vintage vehicles, which originally didn‘t have shock absorbers. We can help you optimise your motorhome chassis. And we will also be happy to supply you with an additional air suspension for your Sprinter, Ducato or whatever base vehicle you drive, if required.

Customer reviews “As if I had a new motorhome“

No more rocking, track-safe driving and less wear on the chassis and nerves. This is the conclusion of happy motorhome owners who have installed Marquart shock absorbers. Experience a new dimension in the handling of your motorhome – switch to Marquart’s heavy duty shock absorbers for motorhomes! Send us an enquiry.

Customers reviews…

“That’s an incredible effect. I have a new car.“

The conclusion of satisfied customers who have installed heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart. “The vehicle is unrecognisable.”
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Experience a relaxed and confident ride for your motorhome, van, pick-up or heavy-duty vehicle.
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Marquart shock absorbers for camper-vans

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