Heavy duty shock absorbers for commercial vehicles

Changing shock absorbers on commercial vehicles

Marquart GmbH has specialised in heavy duty shock absorbers for 25 years. We originally come from the heavy duty sector. From heavy trucks to special vehicles such as fire brigades, winter services and tankers, we have gradually developed our range of applications to smaller commercial vehicles such as mobile homes, vans and pickups. Each vehicle type has its own problems, which we are happy to address with our 25 years of experience.

On our customer testimonials page you can read and see the experiences of our customers who have installed Marquart reinforced shock absorbers. After upgrading to Marquart reinforced shock absorbers, many feel like they are driving a new car. If your vehicle is also causing problems, send us an enquiry.

Mercedes 814 with heavy duty shock absorbers

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart teach the chassis manners.

“It is a completely different driving experience” writes the enthusiastic owner of this Mercedes 814 after converting to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart. After the installation of our dampers, many have the feeling of driving a new car. Read and see more here.

Shock absorbers for numerous types of vehicles

– in stock or made to measure –

Rocking, swaying, rolling, nodding on motorhomes? Changing lanes as an adventure? This indicates that the shock absorbers of your motorhome are too weak or even defective.

The number of approvals for vans increases daily. Whether Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, Fiat Ducato or Volkswagen Crafter, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer…

Heavy trucks on damaged roads: who doesn’t know the wobbly dance of trucks, which often takes on dangerous proportions when they change lanes. Quickly gripping, reinforced shock absorbers…

Explore the world, go wherever you want, far away from civilization? And you always have your own apartment with you. Pure freedom! With expedition vehicles, you can…

Especially in the case of emergency vehicles of the fire brigade, the task of which is to save lives or eliminate dangers, one hundred percent reliability of the technology is essential.

Classic cars and historical commercial vehicles are our cultural assets. Not only for museums and classic car clubs, but also for advertising, as a…

Municipal commercial vehicles are constantly subjected to repetitive loads. Constantly recurring one-sided movements of the vehicle body are the rule. The load on the shock absorbers…

Moving loads (liquids) are a particular challenge for drivers and chassis, especially for hazardous goods transporters such as tankers. Here it is important to react quickly to…

One hundred percent reliability of the technology is particularly important for transport vehicles for liquid foodstuffs such as milk collection trucks. Then the milk can be collected…

Shock absorbers are essential for the safety and comfort of vehicle occupants. Buses face a wide variety of challenges: Whether it’s changing load weights…

Pick-up vehicles are demanded a lot every day. Hardly any other type of vehicle is so frequently on the road, on construction sites and off-road. That’s why pick-up…

Shock absorbers are not only installed in vehicles, but also in numerous technical systems, equipment and buildings. Did you know that radio towers, for example, must regularly undergo…

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