Heavy duty shock absorbers for vans

The delivery traffic continues to increase

Every day the number of registrations for vans increases. For example, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, Fiat Ducato or VW Crafter, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and also Renault Master. They are all represented here. It is impossible to imagine our streets without these ‘raging cabinets’. And the demands placed on these vehicles are increasing daily. More and more cargo has to be transported from A to B at ever shorter delivery times.

High speed, fully utilised loading space, lane changes in ever-increasing construction sites: the standard chassis is thus completely overstrained in 70% of all cases. If the vehicle then still has many kilometers on the speedometer and the already heavily stressed dampers lose additional power, it becomes dangerous. Do not let it come to that.

To detect a defective shock absorber is not always easy

Broken shock absorbers can be very dangerous. Take action in good time as soon as the first signs of wear and tear become apparent. The most common cause of a defect: The oil used for damping slowly disappears past the piston rod, leaving a greasy film on the housing. You can still recognize defective shock absorbers from this:

  • Irregular tire wear
  • The vehicle reacts sensitively to crosswind
  • Steering wheel flutter
  • Sway
  • The vehicle tilts when braking
  • The front axle of the vehicle plunges heavily in tight curves
  • The vehicle is restless after driving over hilltops, ruts, potholes, manhole covers and bumps
  • Uncertain feeling when driving traffic circles

Have shock absorbers for transporters checked regularly

We recommend to have the dampers of your transporter checked regularly. Defective shock absorbers can have serious consequences for driving safety – such as a considerably longer braking distance. During this check, the surrounding components should also always be checked. Because if the shock absorbers of a van are defective, other chassis components also wear out more quickly. So prevent unnecessary downtimes and costs.

Heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart: the bear among the shock absorbers

Marquart offers a variety of reinforced shock absorbers for a wide range of van models, such as Mercedes Sprinter, VW Transporter and Crafter, and Iveco Daily. This means that we have different ‘tuning levels’ in stock for the same vehicle. With us you can decide how your vehicle will behave on the road in the future. We also offer suspension struts, for example, for the Ducato, the Mercedes Sprinter, the Peugeot Boxer and other base vehicles. Reinforced Marquart suspension struts prevent jack-knifing in roundabouts and when braking.

Experience improved handling and maximum safety in every driving situation. With thicker piston rods and a larger oil content, Marquart’s reinforced shock absorbers respond faster and keep the vehicle on track better. We can also find a customized solution for vans with one-sided or special loads, such as filled workbenches or shelves installed in the vehicle.

Here you can read about the experiences of our customers who have converted to Marquart shock absorbers. Many have the feeling of driving a new car. Switch to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart. Send us an enquiry.

Customers reviews…

“That’s an incredible effect. I have a new car.“

The conclusion of satisfied customers who have installed heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart. “The vehicle is unrecognisable.”
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Experience a relaxed and confident ride for your motorhome, van, pick-up or heavy-duty vehicle.
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Marquart shock absorbers for vans

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