Marquart shock absorbers for fire engines

Heavy duty shock absorbers for rescue vehicles

In the case of fire engines, three factors come together that have a negative influence on driving behaviour:

  1. Fire departments have a high center of gravity through ladders and cranes
  2. In addition, fire trucks carry large quantities of liquid such as water and extinguishing materials.
  3. And are usually traveling at high speeds in the field.

Particularly in the case of fire brigade vehicles whose task is to save lives or eliminate hazards, it is important that the technology is one hundred percent reliable. In most cases, the swaying load (moving load) leads to strong rolling movements and ‘lurching’ with the originally installed dampers. This not only worsens the handling in curves but also the braking performance and steering behaviour. The vehicle becomes unmanageable. Reinforced shock absorbers for fire brigades offer a remedy here.

Reinforced shock absorbers offer increased safety for fire engines.

To achieve this, we have developed special characteristics for our reinforced shock absorbers. With thicker piston rods, greater oil content and progressive characteristics, Marquart reinforced shock absorbers respond faster, prevent unbraked bouncing and keep the vehicle firmly on track. The result: significantly improved handling and maximum safety in every driving situation.

Cracked air bellows when the axle is hanging in use are a thing of the past with Marquart dampers. High speeds, a high centre of gravity and moving loads: When top performance is demanded here, the Marquart bear can show what it can really do.

Are you a bodybuilder as a supplier of customised solutions for fire brigade emergency vehicles such as fire engines, rescue vehicles, equipment trucks, hose trucks or multi-purpose vehicles? Send us an enquiry.

On our Customer Testimonials page, vehicle owners report on their experiences after converting to Marquart shock absorbers.

Marquart shock absorbers for fire engines

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