“A completely new driving experience”

“Today we had our new suspension fitted to the motorhome. Four handmade special shock absorbers, with hardness grade 2 at the front and hardness grade 5 at the rear, were fitted to reduce the lateral movement of the high vehicle. We drove a good 150 kilometres with them today and I must honestly admit that it has become a completely new driving experience. The vehicle no longer wobbles, it tracks better and is safer to drive.”
Uwe und Angelika K. from Möhlenwarf 

“Incredibly positive”

“The vehicle itself feels different. The dampers have an incredibly positive effect on the chassis, ride quality and handling. I’ve now driven around 1000 kilometres and even the 30 mm height gain on the front axle is noticeable. The swaying behaviour and bumps when driving through potholes or transverse grooves have been considerably reduced and contribute significantly to the improvement in driving comfort. My conclusion: any time again.”
Karlheinz F. from Neustadt am Rübenberge

“The shock absorbers work fantastically”.

“I would like to share my appreciation on your product “Reinforced Shock Absorbers” Suspension Mercedes Sprinter Bj. 2005 Equipment Motorhome James Cook. The shock absorbers work fantastically. The cornering has improved a lot. The body roll has become very low and the wind sensitivity is at car level. I am totally delighted and am happy to recommend these suspension components for this type.”
Uwe H. from Bayreuth

Mercedes Sprinter Shock Absorber

“The trauma can say goodbye now!”

“The conversion today went flawlessly. Many thanks to you and the team for the smooth organisation. A special thanks also to your engineers, the car now drives the way I wanted it to. No more swerving when entering or leaving the slipstream of trucks and safe cornering. The trauma can now say goodbye. I will definitely recommend you positively.“
Sven B. from Halstenbek

Mercedes Sprinter reinforced shock absorbers

“It lies wonderfully on the road”

“The Sprinter’s handling has now improved considerably. At the beginning, when I was riding in the passenger seat on the test drive and it went over bumpy country roads, I was “slightly shocked at my courage to go for a harder chassis”. In the meantime, the dampers have settled/settled in and the shocks no longer come across as harsh. On the other hand, we filled out the questionnaire when ordering with regard to the ready-to-travel load for a whole year on the road, now I was travelling alone and with a fraction of the equipment (no passenger and her clothes, water tank empty, only one bike with me, no food boxes etc.). On the A81 between Würzburg and Heilbronn, which has a very bad surface (concrete slabs paved over with large shoulders, right lane with lorry damage), I could now actually drive quite well without everything flying around in the cupboards. The body roll on curbs, dirt roads, etc. has improved considerably. My wife noticed when getting in through the sliding door that the car hardly moves now. When cornering quickly on country roads, it sits beautifully on the road.”
Marc from Konstanz 

“The new driving behaviour is top-notch”.

“We would like to give you a short feedback from our installation appointment at Autohaus Raters today. Everything worked much faster than planned and the new handling is top notch. Many thanks also to you for the choice of shock absorbers. Yours sincerely”
Familie S. from Lübbecke

“We are very satisfied“

“We are very satisfied, the driving behaviour has improved significantly. The motorhome no longer wobbles due to bumps, the directional stability has improved massively, the sensitivity to crosswinds has been greatly reduced, the vehicle is much more stable even in ruts and it is much easier to control during emergency braking – a clear safety plus. We had already had very good experience with the shock absorbers in the Mercedes Vario. Now in the Atego the result is even better. Thank you very much and best regards.”
Andreas H. from Heidelberg 

“Incredible the new driving behaviour”

“Many thanks for the support. The installation was more than worth it, the new handling is incredible. Now let’s see how the shock absorbers behave in Albania. I can only recommend it.“
Jörg K. aus Ostfildern 

“Excellent service”

“Yesterday I had my workshop appointment at Autohaus Raters. Everything went really well. The employee was very nice, competent and very motivated. You have a good partner. I would like to thank you again for the excellent service.”
Thomas R. from Gladbeck 

“We are totally enthusiastic”

“Today we got the new shock absorbers installed by Marquart. MB Sprinter W907 all-wheel drive, (ML-T570 Crossover from Hymer). We are totally thrilled, completely new safety and driving feeling, simply top. The handling with Marquart (Mr. Saadi) was simply great. Thank you very much.
Conny & Wolfgang I. from Wuppertal  

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