“A difference like day and night”

“Hello Mr. Saadi, with some delay I can tell you how the shock absorbers are, which were installed by the Mercedes workshop. Since then I have covered about 1000 kilometres and I am fully convinced of the quality of your product. The driving behaviour of the motorhome has changed from the ground up, a difference like night and day. Best regards.”
Henri W. from Walheim

“A worthwhile investment”

The Marquart company was recommended to me by a friend. I drive a motorhome with a 96 Mercedes T2LN1 as the base vehicle (predecessor of the Vario) with a total weight of almost 7 tonnes with a high body. That’s why I decided against the original shock absorbers and for new, stronger shock absorbers: Crosswind susceptibility: already a passenger car overtaking on the motorway makes the vehicle wobble a lot, crosswinds, especially gusts of course as well. Rocking: Road irregularities such as potholes and bumps cause unpleasant rocking even at low speeds. When the motorhome is stationary, every movement in the vehicle causes it to sway, so that you might think you are on a boat.

The new shock absorbers have fulfilled my expectations in every respect. I am thrilled! Driving (and also standing) with our motorhome has improved significantly in terms of safety and comfort. A worthwhile investment that I can really recommend to everyone!
Nikolas P. from Großhansdorf

“I am super happy“

„Ich kenne mein FZ (Mercedes Vario) nun seit 15 Jahren – ein Schüttelbecher vom ersten Tag an!! Nun, mit Ihren Stossdämpfern ausgestattet, ist dies erst ein richtiger Mercedes!! Kein Schütteln-Wanken-Wippen mehr!! S U P E R!! Auch der Geradeauslauf ist mustergültig, ich musste vorher immer Links-rechts korrigieren. Bin fast 5 000 km gefahren, inkl. üblen Pisten in Argentinien. Ich bin super happy.”
Markus R. aus Kirchdorf

It’s a completely different driving experience

“It is a completely different driving experience” writes the owner of this Mercedes 814 after converting to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart.

“A complete success, I am satisfied throughout”

“I have been testing the dampers for the last four days and I have to say that I can really feel a big difference, the rolling is almost gone, the driving on roundabouts, bends and motorway entrances is much better. Nevertheless, I have not noticed any noticeable loss of comfort. Even my wife (passenger) has noticed that it drives better. In summary: a complete success, I am thoroughly satisfied.”
Roger R. from Stalden


More about this vehicle

Mercedes Vario police van

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart significantly reduce the rocking on this former Mercedes Vario police car.

Mercedes Benz Vario 609

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart prevent the vehicle from rocking up without braking after driving through bumps.

Before / after Mercedes 709D

From rocking horse to sedan chair: When standing, reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart reduce rocking movements considerably.

Test drive reinforced Marquart shock absorbers

Test drive with the original shock absorbers: Note the heavy right hand bending in the first right hand turn. Shortly afterwards, the right wheels of both axles lift up.

Test drive with subsequently fitted reinforced Marquart shock absorbers : In the first right-hand bend, there is no more sudden collapse. And the wheels remain on the ground.

“Our Sprinter is no longer the same vehicle“

“We just came from the Mercedes dealership in Brest. Our Sprinter is no longer the same vehicle, no more pitching, no more swaying in the wind, improved steering and brakes. Installation cost Euro 259,92 €. We are very satisfied with the communication, the information as well as the punctual delivery. We are very pleased with the excellent end result. Thank you very much.”
Jean Pierre C. from Lampaul-Guimiliau

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