“Significantly better driving behaviour“

“Even on a short trip to the petrol station, I could clearly feel the difference and was very surprised. Yesterday we set off in the direction of Upper Bavaria and were delighted with the new dampers after almost 250 kilometres. Even my better half noticed a much better driving behaviour from the passenger seat.

The rumbling at the front axle is no longer present and bouncing in potholes has also disappeared. The inclination when cornering is kept to a minimum and better directional stability is guaranteed, even in ruts. Although the damping has become significantly firmer, you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a sports car and rattling your teeth. My conclusion for this decision is a clear YES, I would do it again and I should have done it sooner. In my opinion, almost €1,300 is not a small amount, but it is probably a much better investment than other gimmicks and I can really recommend it.

Finally, I would like to point out that I do not receive any commission for advertising. I have compared a few providers and made my decision and that is/was a good thing.“
Jürgen W. from Herxheim

“The result is simply brilliant.“

“The shock absorbers were fitted by me. The installation went without any problems. The spacer discs supplied for the rear shock absorbers were too small in the bore. But they weren’t needed either. After the installation, I went for a test drive. The result is simply brilliant. The old, heavy motorhome is almost like a “board” on the road. Driving through a roundabout is stable. All in all, a very good investment.“
Stefan H. from Bexbach-H.

“Significantly improved”

“The driving characteristics of the truck have been significantly improved. No more bouncing on bumps and when cornering. Really fun to explore the world. I can only recommend it.“
Rolf S. from Backnang 

“The bounce is gone“

“I am very satisfied. The rocking is gone, the whole driving behaviour is much better…a good investment then. … I can only recommend you.”
Rudolf L. from Haslach an der Mühl

“The result is simply super!“

“Thanks again for the smooth installation of the shock absorbers, even on a Saturday! Really great – and the result is just super!!! It’s a pity that I only came across the name MARQUART so late. Many greetings from the north.”
Edgar W. from Wilhelmshaven

“For more stress-free and relaxed driving“

“…The swimming, especially on bad roads sloping outwards, is completely gone as are apparently all motorway construction sites, verges, bends, crossings and transitions have been freshly ironed out. Curves can be driven true to track, crosswinds are less noticeable; Much more stress-free and relaxed driving! Likewise, you no longer think you are in a shelter on a ship. And also very special special thanks for your personal advice and commitment. We felt very well looked after!…”
Pitta and Christof S. from Heerbrugg

“The result is overwhelming!!!“

“The operation was a success, the patient is stable again. The car (Clou Liner 700 based on MAN) has never been so easy to drive. The result is overwhelming !!! If in future someone with a motorhome boat asks them for shock absorbers, it might have been due to my advertising for their shock absorbers.“
Bernd K. from Landesbergen

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