“The difference is amazing”

“Your shock absorbers are now on the Morelo with Iveco Eurocargo chassis. The difference is amazing. I actually only wanted the shocks to be a bit softer, but the fact that it now brakes on a shorter distance, that it behaves like a car in the bends and that you even have the feeling that you’re steering a car and no longer a truck – that’s thanks to your dampers. So I will praise the shock absorbers everywhere. Morelo should install them immediately…. Thank you very much!”
Fernand T. from Luxembourg

“The vehicle drives almost like new”

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service and the fast delivery. The shock absorbers fitted 100% and the vehicle drives almost like new. Some companies could take a leaf out of your book. Keep up the good work!” Jan K. from Sinn

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“From ocean-going steamer to inland waterway vessel”

“Super advice and product. The motorhome with Marquart dampers now drives like on rails. From ocean liner to barge in 70 min.” Thomas K. from Grevenbroich

“It’s like day and night”

“The dampers reached me and were installed today. Rode the first 100km and it’s like night and day. The handling is much better, almost sporty. Top!”
Axel G.

“I am thrilled and very satisfied”

“I installed the shock absorbers in the old year and the first impression was very good, as expected. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to extensively test the handling on the motorway and mountain passes by driving over the Julier Pass into the Engadine. I am thrilled and very satisfied, the sideways swaying, the bouncing, the pitching when braking etc. is reduced many times over and the directional stability is also more precise.”
Fredy M. from Würenlos

“Our Iveco is an absolutely new vehicle“

“What a difference to the original IVECO shock absorbers. With the Marquart shock absorbers, our Iveco is an absolutely new vehicle. No body roll and bounce, no more slight bumps. Our motorhome drives / runs almost like on rails. Curves are negotiated cleanly and no longer require any steering correction. Before, depending on the radius of the bend and the wind, the body swayed and always caused a queasy feeling, at least for me. Now I have to be careful not to go too fast. With the new shock absorbers, driving and travelling is finally fun according to the motto: reach your destination safely and calmly.”
Evaristo P. from Paraguay

Iveco Before / After

“I am very satisfied. The test drive with the trailer is still to come, but without the trailer there is already a noticeable difference. Thank you very much.”

Iveco 75-14AW

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart bring stability and calm to the chassis of this former fire brigade.

“The vehicle conveys a new driving experience”.

“To our satisfaction, our motorhome (Iveco Daily with Carthago body) was fitted with your shock absorbers today. Baro works really well and also quickly. The shock absorbers were changed within an hour. We would like to thank you again for the quick help and have to say that the vehicle has a completely new driving feeling. I will be happy to recommend you.”
Thomas S. from Schwerte

“No more sweating!”

“We have been driving a Niesmann Bischoff Flair 80001 for 15 years. Our trips were always stressful because I had to drive the vehicle like raw eggs. Strong turn-in behaviour, strong bobbing and considerable sensitivity to crosswinds.
On the first few metres from the workshop (after the installation of Marquart dampers) the car drove completely different. The usual route home from the workshop immediately brought a revelation. Significantly later braking points, much greater stability when turning into roundabouts and junctions, etc.
The comment of the manufacturer, Mr. Marquart himself, that after the modification many curves can be driven through without braking, I thought was very optimistic, but exactly this effect occurred. Oncoming lorries no longer cause sweat to break out and cars crashing past at more than 200 km/h on the motorway are at best frightening because of the sudden noise they make.
I am very satisfied with the decision and will use the vehicle much more in the future. All expectations were clearly exceeded. The fact that the manufacturer does not offer this configuration ex works is simply negligent.”
Ralf G. from Saarbrücken

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