“Everything done right”

“Hello Mr Wördemann, I did my first drive with the new shock absorbers today, about 150 kilometres, and I have to say I did everything right. No rocking, no rolling, almost no crosswind sensitivity when overtaking … Many thanks for the good support, best praise to the company Marquart….“
Andreas A. from München

“The shock absorbers are excellent”

“The shock absorbers are excellent, my Womo on a Fiat Ducato chassis drives like on rails since the installation of the Marquart shock absorbers. The vehicle is much safer and more comfortable to drive. The installation at Mercedes Raters in Löningen is also highly recommended, a very competent workshop. Everything was perfect from the first to the last contact.”
Thomas H. from Dortmund 

fiat ducato marquart shock absorbers

“She drives so much better”

„She (we call her “WhyNot”, vintage ☀️ offgrid) travels so much better, no longer am I driving and looking down at the road. The new front springs have lifted the nose by a good bit. We also notice she doesn’t wobble around as much when we are parked up and moving inside the habitation area, also going around round-a-bouts.“
Timothy O. from Como

Fiat Ducato shock absorber

“5 stars in every category :)”

Friendliness *****
Counseling *****
Competence *****
Service *****
Price/Performance *****
Company Raters *****
In words excellent and thank you for everything!
Michael T. from Recklinghausen“

“The vehicle behaves perfectly”

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism in this matter. I have tried the new rear shock absorbers level 5 and I am satisfied with the result. The vehicle behaves perfectly on the road and the motorway.”
Patrick L. from Vulbens 

“Not to be recognised!“

“After 7500km through Sweden, Finland and Norway, we had had some cornering that made us scared. The camper pushed over the front axle, timber trucks could go faster into the curves with loads, we had to brake, sometimes to 50km/h.

Our motorhome is a Knaus 700 I based on a Fiat Ducato, 4.4 t, Goldschmitt air suspension, M11 springs on the front axle. During the trip, I started looking into what could be changed on the chassis. OK, there are many suppliers – but there is also Marquart, read reviews and called, great contact, thanks to Mrs Brundiers.

We arranged a prompt appointment with a company that Marquart has been working with for a long time. Many thanks also to Baro, competence and know-how worked out great, the work was done professionally within a very short time, THANK YOU for that, also for the loan car.

Now it was back home – 350km. The way my motorhome behaved on the way home – unrecognisable, motorway ups and downs, really fun, no pushing over the front axle, gusts of wind on the motorway were compensated for by the vehicle, hardly any countersteering. After 7500km, which still sat in my butt, now this driving experience. SUPER, someone, Mr.Marquart, has given it some serious thought and produced a great result. Thanks again. And for the readers of my report, NO, I did not receive any bonus payments.

Now we have them too – Marquart shock absorbers!!!!!“
Harald B. from Grebenau

“The car is much better and smoother on the road”

“We have a new driving experience, the car is much better and smoother on the road, you can take bends much faster and overtaking lorries is now totally relaxed, no more shaking… All in all, more than cool. Standing straight, no need for wedges anymore and hardly any movement even when standing!
Thank you very much!”
Jörn W. from Löningen 

“Don’t know my motorhome again”

Don’t recognise my motorhome. The thing stays on track, doesn’t swim around the bends, I have to be careful not to turn too fast around the bends…. The contact with you and your company was very, very friendly, competent and uncomplicated.”
Marianne S. from Ofterdingen 

“A huge difference”

“I was on the road last weekend with the new shock absorbers installed in my Hymer B634. I should have replaced the shock absorbers that were originally fitted years ago. It’s a huge difference now with the overall driving stability. The previous extreme swaying when overtaking or in crosswinds is gone with the new shock absorbers. The car drives incredibly stable with the greatest possible ride comfort. I am thrilled with the new shock absorbers from Marquart. Thank you for your professional advice.“
Björn W. from K.  

“Driving is fun again”

“On the return journey yesterday, we enjoyed the newly adjusted chassis. The Duc now also takes the familiar bumps in our town in its stride. The chassis is no longer nervous and driving is fun again. The car has also settled 4cm at the rear. Really very pleasant and we are happy to be able to tell you about it now. Such a service is rare and I will recommend the Marquart company with a clear conscience. Many thanks also to Mr. Marquart :)”
Martin D. from Borsfleth

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