“Driving is fun again”

“On the return journey yesterday, we enjoyed the newly adjusted chassis. The Duc now also takes the familiar bumps in our town in its stride. The chassis is no longer nervous and driving is fun again. The car has also settled 4cm at the rear. Really very pleasant and we are happy to be able to tell you about it now. Such a service is rare and I will recommend the Marquart company with a clear conscience. Many thanks also to Mr. Marquart :)”
Martin D. from Borsfleth

“I am very satisfied with the result”

“I am very satisfied with the result. The dampers work comfortably and the vehicle height has improved. And Mr. Wördemann’s customer service is the cherry on top! At this point, best regards to the boss!” Robert D. from Mückeln

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“No comparison to the series”

“I would like to tell you that I am completely satisfied with the Marquart shock absorbers I bought from you. We are currently on the road in Norway with a full load, so we had a lot of bad roads and dirt tracks to test. The vehicle is very stable, no roll, no sagging, just great – no comparison to the standard. The stronger springs at the front and the additional springs at the rear are certainly also part of the positive experience, but the dampers give the whole thing stability and safety!” Dirk B. from Lüneburg 

“A difference like day and night”

The shock absorbers have been installed in the meantime and I was able to test them extensively: A difference like day to night! Amazing! Stefan W. from Hildesheim

“30 minutes that change the world”

“We received new shock absorbers for our camper today. 30 minutes that change the world. We drive a 7m camper with Fiat Ducato chassis, now purrs like a car. Thank you very much, great advice, highly recommended!” Bernd and Gerda S. from Menslage

“Our hopes were far exceeded“

“We had hoped that the conversion to Marquart shock absorbers would result in better directional stability and we are so amazed that our hopes have been exceeded by far. The directional stability, even in ruts, is fantastic, faster cornering is no longer a problem and overtaking trucks on the motorway is no longer a problem either. Simply ingenious … Our last www.ShowMobil.net with the same Fiat Ducato chassis had a 4-fold air suspension. This only had the advantage of setting the vehicle straight at the push of a button when stationary, otherwise the vehicle rocked and swayed more than with these shock absorbers, despite the expensive air suspension at a price of approx. 9000 €! We have saved about 7400 € incl. installation and are 100% satisfied. Thank you.”
Karl-Udo S. from Wuppertal

No more teetering

The mobile home as a bouncy castle! Reinforced shock absorbers prevent this Fiat Ducato based motorhome from bouncing.

“No more swaying, rocking or the like“

“After very competent advice from Mr Marquart, we decided on shock absorbers rather than air suspension for our “old lady”, a 21-year-old Hymer. No more swaying, rocking or the like any more. The “old lady” and we are happy about every trip. Many Thanks for everything.”
Family R. from Leipzig

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