“5 stars in every category :)”

Friendliness *****
Counseling *****
Competence *****
Service *****
Price/Performance *****
Company Raters *****
In words excellent and thank you for everything!
Michael T. from Recklinghausen“

“Not to be recognised!“

“After 7500km through Sweden, Finland and Norway, we had had some cornering that made us scared. The camper pushed over the front axle, timber trucks could go faster into the curves with loads, we had to brake, sometimes to 50km/h.

Our motorhome is a Knaus 700 I based on a Fiat Ducato, 4.4 t, Goldschmitt air suspension, M11 springs on the front axle. During the trip, I started looking into what could be changed on the chassis. OK, there are many suppliers – but there is also Marquart, read reviews and called, great contact, thanks to Mrs Brundiers.

We arranged a prompt appointment with a company that Marquart has been working with for a long time. Many thanks also to Baro, competence and know-how worked out great, the work was done professionally within a very short time, THANK YOU for that, also for the loan car.

Now it was back home – 350km. The way my motorhome behaved on the way home – unrecognisable, motorway ups and downs, really fun, no pushing over the front axle, gusts of wind on the motorway were compensated for by the vehicle, hardly any countersteering. After 7500km, which still sat in my butt, now this driving experience. SUPER, someone, Mr.Marquart, has given it some serious thought and produced a great result. Thanks again. And for the readers of my report, NO, I did not receive any bonus payments.

Now we have them too – Marquart shock absorbers!!!!!“
Harald B. from Grebenau

“Our hopes were far exceeded“

“We had hoped that the conversion to Marquart shock absorbers would result in better directional stability and we are so amazed that our hopes have been exceeded by far. The directional stability, even in ruts, is fantastic, faster cornering is no longer a problem and overtaking trucks on the motorway is no longer a problem either. Simply ingenious … Our last www.ShowMobil.net with the same Fiat Ducato chassis had a 4-fold air suspension. This only had the advantage of setting the vehicle straight at the push of a button when stationary, otherwise the vehicle rocked and swayed more than with these shock absorbers, despite the expensive air suspension at a price of approx. 9000 €! We have saved about 7400 € incl. installation and are 100% satisfied. Thank you.”
Karl-Udo S. from Wuppertal

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