“The result is simply brilliant.“

“The shock absorbers were fitted by me. The installation went without any problems. The spacer discs supplied for the rear shock absorbers were too small in the bore. But they weren’t needed either. After the installation, I went for a test drive. The result is simply brilliant. The old, heavy motorhome is almost like a “board” on the road. Driving through a roundabout is stable. All in all, a very good investment.“
Stefan H. from Bexbach-H.

“A difference like day and night”

The shock absorbers have been installed in the meantime and I was able to test them extensively: A difference like day to night! Amazing! Stefan W. from Hildesheim

“No more rocking on uneven surfaces“

“Last weekend: North Sea, crosswind with measured 65 km/h (8Bft) and the tea stayed IN the cup – great, the dampers!!!”
Henning S. from Neumünster

“A big difference to the old air pumps”

“The Spanish workshop did not understand why I was having the shock absorbers changed. But when they changed the rear shock absorbers they were visibly shocked by the difference to the old AIR PUMPS….-)))))))) I hope that I can tell many more campers about their fabulous shock absorbers.“
Markus S, from Luxemburg

“No more sweating!”

“We have been driving a Niesmann Bischoff Flair 80001 for 15 years. Our trips were always stressful because I had to drive the vehicle like raw eggs. Strong turn-in behaviour, strong bobbing and considerable sensitivity to crosswinds.
On the first few metres from the workshop (after the installation of Marquart dampers) the car drove completely different. The usual route home from the workshop immediately brought a revelation. Significantly later braking points, much greater stability when turning into roundabouts and junctions, etc.
The comment of the manufacturer, Mr. Marquart himself, that after the modification many curves can be driven through without braking, I thought was very optimistic, but exactly this effect occurred. Oncoming lorries no longer cause sweat to break out and cars crashing past at more than 200 km/h on the motorway are at best frightening because of the sudden noise they make.
I am very satisfied with the decision and will use the vehicle much more in the future. All expectations were clearly exceeded. The fact that the manufacturer does not offer this configuration ex works is simply negligent.”
Ralf G. from Saarbrücken

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