“My conclusion: Great!”

“The dampers were installed last week and I have now been able to gain initial experience. My conclusion: Great! The strong swaying has disappeared and the stability on the road is a lot better. This was exactly the right step and your configuration fits our vehicle wonderfully. Thanks again for the advice.”
Ralf S. from Köln 

“A worthwhile investment”

The Marquart company was recommended to me by a friend. I drive a motorhome with a 96 Mercedes T2LN1 as the base vehicle (predecessor of the Vario) with a total weight of almost 7 tonnes with a high body. That’s why I decided against the original shock absorbers and for new, stronger shock absorbers: Crosswind susceptibility: already a passenger car overtaking on the motorway makes the vehicle wobble a lot, crosswinds, especially gusts of course as well. Rocking: Road irregularities such as potholes and bumps cause unpleasant rocking even at low speeds. When the motorhome is stationary, every movement in the vehicle causes it to sway, so that you might think you are on a boat.

The new shock absorbers have fulfilled my expectations in every respect. I am thrilled! Driving (and also standing) with our motorhome has improved significantly in terms of safety and comfort. A worthwhile investment that I can really recommend to everyone!
Nikolas P. from Großhansdorf

“The bounce is gone“

“I am very satisfied. The rocking is gone, the whole driving behaviour is much better…a good investment then. … I can only recommend you.”
Rudolf L. from Haslach an der Mühl

“I have the feeling of driving a new car“

“The new shock absorbers have been installed and the first test drive is behind me. I have the feeling of driving a new car. The bouncing has disappeared and my camper is like a board on the road. Many thanks for the great handling of the purchase.”
Klaus G. from Stolberg

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