“I can only recommend these shock absorbers“

“Our Hymer S740 on Sprinter W905 chassis swayed enormously in strong crosswinds. Even when being overtaken by a truck or driving over bridges, the motorhome was difficult to control and when cornering, the vehicle tilted extremely far to the side. In many forums an air suspension was recommended, but this retrofit did not bring the desired success…
After researching on the net, I came across the Marquart company. They also had the corresponding articles in stock. The price of 1200,00 € for four shock absorbers sounds a lot, but I can tell you that there is a world of difference between the conventional original shock absorbers and the Marquart shock absorbers. You no longer sit like on a rocking horse. If you are overtaken by a truck, you only notice a slight pressure and that’s it. Even in strong crosswinds, you have full control of the camper. …Before you spend a lot of money on air suspension, I can only recommend these shock absorbers to every camper friend.“
Peter E. from Potsdam

“The shock absorbers are simply super !!!“

“The shock absorbers are simply super! The Sprinter camper now drives almost like a car and perhaps the front axle will also get these super dampers. The conversion should actually go into series production. I was very happy to pay the bill. Thank you for the good advice.”
Ralf K. from Siegen

“No rocking on undulating road surfaces”

“After almost 7,000 km (Lofoten, North Cape, Öland) I wanted to report on my experiences with the wheel-tyre-shock combination: Short version: The combination is simply awesome. From the driving feeling I don’t have a van anymore, but rather a big passenger car. … There is no swaying at all on sometimes quite bumpy roads. I was able to observe the difference very well with a Sprinter in front of me. It rocked enormously and ours didn’t at all. The straight-line stability is very good. In wind force 8 from the side, of course, you notice the large surface area of the car. But the car doesn’t lean into the wind any more but stays cleanly upright, so that I can easily make steering corrections with two fingers. …”
Michael S. from Hamburg

“The driveability is much safer”

“The driveability of our motorhome based on the MB 1117 has changed significantly. The ride is much safer, smoother and more even. The unpleasant tipping and rocking has gone and I can rely on the car being stable on the road. I can only strongly recommend changing the dampers when converting the car to a camper because the car’s centre of gravity is different and requires tuned dampers.”
Jiri Austerlitz, Prague

“We are happy with the Marquart dampers“

“We have now driven over 10,000 km through Russia with the new shock absorbers and it is wonderful, pleasant to drive. Of course I have to avoid the potholes myself, but right there, no bouncing. We are happy with the Marquart shock absorbers. Best regards.”
Armin W. from Meilen

“The car drives like it is pulled on a string“

“Shortly after the installation, I have already driven 300 km and a good 70 km of it across the Odenwald on remote country roads – up and down, winding and on mostly bad roads. I would never have believed that the new shock absorbers would actually have such a stabilising effect. The car drives like it’s pulled on a string. With the old shock absorbers, it would have been a stressful drive because I would have had to take my foot off the accelerator before every slight bend. This way I could pull through loose and relaxed without rocking. My 5t drives much safer and more stable through bends and also shows exceptional driving stability especially in roundabouts (entry, in the roundabout, exit). The swaying when walking around in the interior has also become much less. For me, the investment has been very worthwhile!”
Siegfried B. from Pfullendorf

“The vehicle no longer sways and drives great“

“The vehicle no longer sways and drives great. Many thanks!”
Jörg M. from Castrop-Rauxel

“A completely new driving experience”

“Very competent and very friendly! The work is done super well in a friendly workshop. The driving experience with our Sprinter-based PhoeniX 7200 is completely new and very pleasant. No more sagging, very good road holding. The conversion to the shock absorbers was worth it!”
Eugen S. from Hagen