“The car drives like it is pulled on a string“

“Shortly after the installation, I have already driven 300 km and a good 70 km of it across the Odenwald on remote country roads – up and down, winding and on mostly bad roads. I would never have believed that the new shock absorbers would actually have such a stabilising effect. The car drives like it’s pulled on a string. With the old shock absorbers, it would have been a stressful drive because I would have had to take my foot off the accelerator before every slight bend. This way I could pull through loose and relaxed without rocking. My 5t drives much safer and more stable through bends and also shows exceptional driving stability especially in roundabouts (entry, in the roundabout, exit). The swaying when walking around in the interior has also become much less. For me, the investment has been very worthwhile!”
Siegfried B. from Pfullendorf

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