“We are totally enthusiastic”

“Today we got the new shock absorbers installed by Marquart. MB Sprinter W907 all-wheel drive, (ML-T570 Crossover from Hymer). We are totally thrilled, completely new safety and driving feeling, simply top. The handling with Marquart (Mr. Saadi) was simply great. Thank you very much.
Conny & Wolfgang I. from Wuppertal  

“My feedback is positive all round!”

“After about 1000 km along the North Sea coast and on motorways in the last few days, I can give my first feedback. It is positive all round! Roundabouts … wonderful! Before it was a rocking – now it’s zip, zip and through. Rough country lane at slow speed … wonderful. Motorway … wow, I can now drive at 120 km/h without having to constantly correct the steering wheel… All in all, the car now sits nicely on the road and is much more pleasant to drive.
Jörg R. from Gießen 

No more dangerous swaying

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart considerably prevent dangerous rocking.

“Almost like a sports car :-)“

“The driving behaviour has clearly improved compared to the “rocking”. Almost like a sports car :-) Many thanks for the good support!”
Thomas V. from Berlin