“It lies wonderfully on the road”

“The Sprinter’s handling has now improved considerably. At the beginning, when I was riding in the passenger seat on the test drive and it went over bumpy country roads, I was “slightly shocked at my courage to go for a harder chassis”. In the meantime, the dampers have settled/settled in and the shocks no longer come across as harsh. On the other hand, we filled out the questionnaire when ordering with regard to the ready-to-travel load for a whole year on the road, now I was travelling alone and with a fraction of the equipment (no passenger and her clothes, water tank empty, only one bike with me, no food boxes etc.). On the A81 between Würzburg and Heilbronn, which has a very bad surface (concrete slabs paved over with large shoulders, right lane with lorry damage), I could now actually drive quite well without everything flying around in the cupboards. The body roll on curbs, dirt roads, etc. has improved considerably. My wife noticed when getting in through the sliding door that the car hardly moves now. When cornering quickly on country roads, it sits beautifully on the road.”
Marc from Konstanz