“A completely new driving experience”

“Today we had our new suspension fitted to the motorhome. Four handmade special shock absorbers, with hardness grade 2 at the front and hardness grade 5 at the rear, were fitted to reduce the lateral movement of the high vehicle. We drove a good 150 kilometres with them today and I must honestly admit that it has become a completely new driving experience. The vehicle no longer wobbles, it tracks better and is safer to drive.”
Uwe und Angelika K. from Möhlenwarf 

“We are very satisfied“

“We are very satisfied, the driving behaviour has improved significantly. The motorhome no longer wobbles due to bumps, the directional stability has improved massively, the sensitivity to crosswinds has been greatly reduced, the vehicle is much more stable even in ruts and it is much easier to control during emergency braking – a clear safety plus. We had already had very good experience with the shock absorbers in the Mercedes Vario. Now in the Atego the result is even better. Thank you very much and best regards.”
Andreas H. from Heidelberg 

“Excellent service”

“Yesterday I had my workshop appointment at Autohaus Raters. Everything went really well. The employee was very nice, competent and very motivated. You have a good partner. I would like to thank you again for the excellent service.”
Thomas R. from Gladbeck 

“A complete success, I am satisfied throughout”

“I have been testing the dampers for the last four days and I have to say that I can really feel a big difference, the rolling is almost gone, the driving on roundabouts, bends and motorway entrances is much better. Nevertheless, I have not noticed any noticeable loss of comfort. Even my wife (passenger) has noticed that it drives better. In summary: a complete success, I am thoroughly satisfied.”
Roger R. from Stalden


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“These shock absorbers are absolutely recommended“

“The shock absorbers have far exceeded my expectations. It is a completely different driving experience and not only on uneven ground but also at higher speeds on the motorway. The truck is now much more stable and no longer sways. These shock absorbers are absolutely recommended. Thank you very much!”
Kaspar G. from Frankfurt