“It’s like day and night”

“The dampers reached me and were installed today. Rode the first 100km and it’s like night and day. The handling is much better, almost sporty. Top!”
Axel G. from Geretsried

“It makes cornering fun again”

“Last Wednesday, the Raters company installed the new shock absorbers. They were changed within an hour. We were very satisfied with the service, I can only recommend it.
With the new dampers it is a difference like day and night, absolutely top. It makes cornering fun again. Thank you very much for the good advice.”“
Wolfgang K. from Wellrod 

“You know your job perfectly!”

The previous owner of my motorhome, which is only 3 months old, had Marquart shock absorbers retrofitted (understandably). However, the Iveco (specialist??) company that fitted these dampers had not checked whether the parts procured by the vehicle owner himself would also fit. Due to the deviation in length, there were problems with the air suspension, which could have been avoided if the maximum length of the dampers had been checked and compared with the installed ones before installation. Although this problem was not the responsibility of Marquart, they immediately replaced the dampers with suitable ones without any “ifs and buts” and at no cost. That’s what I call perfect customer service, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Temporarily, the original dampers had to be installed, so that I could actually experience the difference for myself. Another compliment to Marqart: You know your business perfectly, because your dampers are in a class of their own. The consistently good reviews of this company are obviously no fake! Thanks to the whole Marquart team and especially to Mr. Wördemann!
Anton F. from Goldbach 

“The difference is amazing”

“Your shock absorbers are now on the Morelo with Iveco Eurocargo chassis. The difference is amazing. I actually only wanted the shocks to be a bit softer, but the fact that it now brakes on a shorter distance, that it behaves like a car in the bends and that you even have the feeling that you’re steering a car and no longer a truck – that’s thanks to your dampers. So I will praise the shock absorbers everywhere. Morelo should install them immediately…. Thank you very much!”
Fernand T. from Luxembourg

“From ocean-going steamer to inland waterway vessel”

“Super advice and product. The motorhome with Marquart dampers now drives like on rails. From ocean liner to barge in 70 min.” Thomas K. from Grevenbroich

“A complete success, I am satisfied throughout”

“I have been testing the dampers for the last four days and I have to say that I can really feel a big difference, the rolling is almost gone, the driving on roundabouts, bends and motorway entrances is much better. Nevertheless, I have not noticed any noticeable loss of comfort. Even my wife (passenger) has noticed that it drives better. In summary: a complete success, I am thoroughly satisfied.”
Roger R. from Stalden


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“I am thrilled and very satisfied”

“I installed the shock absorbers in the old year and the first impression was very good, as expected. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to extensively test the handling on the motorway and mountain passes by driving over the Julier Pass into the Engadine. I am thrilled and very satisfied, the sideways swaying, the bouncing, the pitching when braking etc. is reduced many times over and the directional stability is also more precise.”
Fredy M. from Würenlos

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