“You can really tell the difference!”

The shock absorbers are mounted and we have been on the road with them in France for a fortnight. We would like to give you positive feedback. You can really notice the difference. Thank you again for the great advice.
Monika and Rainer D. from Cologne

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“Now our Peugeot Boxer drives like a completely different car“

“The shock absorbers are now installed. What can I say? … Now our Peugeot Boxer 435 drives like a completely different car. Suspension and damping now seem to work together harmoniously. … Due to the compression damping of the shock absorbers, the car no longer dives and the tuning of the rebound damping prevents any swaying without making the chassis seem hard. Together with the original rear air suspension, we now have a fantastic driving experience – comfortable, safe and almost sporty. As ambitious mountain bikers, we appreciate a successful suspension set-up. … Many thanks for these improvements!”
Roland A. from Weichering