“Almost like a sports car :-)“

“The driving behaviour has clearly improved compared to the “rocking”. Almost like a sports car :-) Many thanks for the good support!”
Thomas V. from Berlin

“Clearly better than the original parts!“

“I am very satisfied with the dampers – the roll has decreased significantly without becoming uncomfortable! Clearly better than the original parts!”
Frank H. from Kroppach

“The car is like a new one“

“I took the first drive yesterday after having the shock absorbers fitted and I have to tell you, the car is like a changed car. It has far exceeded my expectations and it was the right decision to use the shock absorbers as you recommended. A big thank you to you for the great advice and your company can only be recommended.”
Albert S. from Villach

“Now our Peugeot Boxer drives like a completely different car“

“The shock absorbers are now installed. What can I say? … Now our Peugeot Boxer 435 drives like a completely different car. Suspension and damping now seem to work together harmoniously. … Due to the compression damping of the shock absorbers, the car no longer dives and the tuning of the rebound damping prevents any swaying without making the chassis seem hard. Together with the original rear air suspension, we now have a fantastic driving experience – comfortable, safe and almost sporty. As ambitious mountain bikers, we appreciate a successful suspension set-up. … Many thanks for these improvements!”
Roland A. from Weichering

“I am impressed by the road holding”

“I am impressed with the road holding, especially on roundabouts. Before fitting, I had the feeling that my vehicle (Peugeot J5) would tip over, now it drives like a go-kart. Very good road holding, much safer. Apart from that, I have noticed that my vehicle has firmer suspension and the comfort has improved. I will recommend your products to my circle of acquaintances.”
Richard R. from Châlette-sur-Loing

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