Heavy duty shock absorbers for tankers

Safety first!

Moving loads (liquids) are a particular challenge for drivers and chassis, especially for hazardous goods transporters such as tankers. Here it is important to react quickly to the physical laws of the moving mass. Reinforced shock absorbers for tankers support you in handling your vehicle.

The primary Goals of all stakeholders are always:

  • No accidents or damage to property
  • No environmental hazards
  • No health hazards
  • No impairment of the dangerous goods

Defective shock absorbers on tank trucks are therefore a considerable safety risk. A regularly and perfectly maintained tank truck is the foundation of hazardous goods safety in addition to adhered driving and rest times.

You are responsible for safe transportation. Make a meticulous note of all defects, complaints and indications of impending repair requirements and inform your workshop of these prior to maintenance.

Heavy duty shock absorbers from Marquart: the bear among shock absorbers

If the shock absorbers have to be replaced, we will help you to select the ideal reinforced shock absorbers for your tankers. With Marquart shock absorbers, even vehicles with moving loads are always track stable. Our shock absorbers have thicker piston rods, a larger oil volume and progressive characteristics. Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart grip faster, prevent unbraked rocking and thus keep your vehicle firmly on track. The result: significantly improved handling and maximum safety in every driving situation.  A characteristic specially developed by us ensures safe handling, especially with a fluid load.

Here you can read about the experiences of our customers who have converted to Marquart shock absorbers. Many have the feeling of driving a new car. “I feel like I’m driving a new car.” Switch to reinforced shock absorbers for tankers. Send us an enquiry.

Marquart shock absorbers for tankers

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