“Significantly better driving behaviour”

“All in all, driving behaviour is significantly better and the car stabilises more quickly when driving over obstacles. And a great side effect at night… if you turn round in your sleep, the whole car no longer wobbles!!!“
Thomas S. from Dortmund

“I am thrilled!”

2I’ve just fitted the dampers and – to be honest – I’m delighted! Just done a test drive on our pothole track: dived in and out of the pothole once and that was it – everything stays in the lockers. Now it only “swings” in the longitudinal axis – to eliminate this you would probably also have to replace the front dampers – how much would the fun cost for the VW LT 2 built in 1998?“
Christian V. from Bruchhausen-Vilsen 

“Mega Top. Ingenious. 100% satisfied”

“Short report on my 3500km tour through the Alps. 2000km motorway/country road, 1500km mountain passes, gravel roads and potholes. Super handling, no noises. Mega Top. Ingenious. 100% satisfied”
Oliver K. from Bochum

VW Crafter shock absorber

“It’s like a new car”

“The driving experience is no longer comparable to the one before. It’s like a new car, just amazing. We expected a lot and it has been exceeded. Cornering, roundabouts etc. feel so much safer and more stable. Really great work! :)“
Finn B. from Balve

“The car is hardly recognisable”

“My VW Crafter drives absolutely great with the new dampers compared to the factory-fitted dampers. Without knowing how the next tuning stage works, I can only say that it was the right decision – thanks to your help and the test drive. The car runs flawlessly, hardly recognisable… Once again, thank you for the advice and also the implementation.”
Elmar H. from Rheda-Wiedenbrück