“I am completely satisfied!”

“In the meantime I have driven 3500 km with the dampers and am completely satisfied (currently on Crete). Not only is the rocking over the front axle eliminated, but also the rolling behaviour is unbelievable or eliminated. Even with alternating excitation (left / right = throwing) on bad roads it goes to zero. Until now, I had to stop every 10 m, because the “car” was swaying so much that I thought the car was going to fall over.

I met an acquaintance here in Crete who followed me for 200 km on country roads in his Bimobil. He could hardly believe how my Phoenix was lying on the road and asked what I had done. He has never seen a motorhome with such a stable road holding – I think I have won another customer. Only the sensing behaviour (driving over small bumps in the road, e.g. slab bumps with a height of approx. 1 cm) is much harder than before. But you have to feel the increased damping somewhere.“
Gerhard F. from Rudersberg