“I am super happy“

„Ich kenne mein FZ (Mercedes Vario) nun seit 15 Jahren – ein Schüttelbecher vom ersten Tag an!! Nun, mit Ihren Stossdämpfern ausgestattet, ist dies erst ein richtiger Mercedes!! Kein Schütteln-Wanken-Wippen mehr!! S U P E R!! Auch der Geradeauslauf ist mustergültig, ich musste vorher immer Links-rechts korrigieren. Bin fast 5 000 km gefahren, inkl. üblen Pisten in Argentinien. Ich bin super happy.”
Markus R. aus Kirchdorf

It’s a completely different driving experience

“It is a completely different driving experience” writes the owner of this Mercedes 814 after converting to reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart.

Iveco Before / After

“I am very satisfied. The test drive with the trailer is still to come, but without the trailer there is already a noticeable difference. Thank you very much.”

VW LT 35

Reinforced shock absorbers make this VW LT35 far more stable. The annoyance has finally an end.

Mercedes Benz Vario 609

Reinforced shock absorbers from Marquart prevent the vehicle from rocking up without braking after driving through bumps.

Before / after Mercedes Vario

With the standard chassis, the cab can move back and forth almost unhindered. The vehicle then begins to tip over dangerously.

Marquart shock absorbers allow the vehicle to adapt to the movement, but then pull the cabin back to the 0-position for stabilisation without allowing it to swing.

“Thank you for your wonderful shock absorbers!“

“Thank you very much for your wonderful shock absorbers! As you predicted, they have completely changed the driving experience. It is now a real pleasure to drive the old Mercedes bus.”
Peter B. from Bristol

“No rocking on undulating road surfaces”

“After almost 7,000 km (Lofoten, North Cape, Öland) I wanted to report on my experiences with the wheel-tyre-shock combination: Short version: The combination is simply awesome. From the driving feeling I don’t have a van anymore, but rather a big passenger car. … There is no swaying at all on sometimes quite bumpy roads. I was able to observe the difference very well with a Sprinter in front of me. It rocked enormously and ours didn’t at all. The straight-line stability is very good. In wind force 8 from the side, of course, you notice the large surface area of the car. But the car doesn’t lean into the wind any more but stays cleanly upright, so that I can easily make steering corrections with two fingers. …”
Michael S. from Hamburg

“The driving experience is now sensational“

“The driving experience is now sensational. Both the comfort and the stability of our Mercedes Sprinter now leave nothing to be desired…Such service and an open ear for the customer is very, very rare these days. Even my wife, who was critical of the whole “Sprinter expansion” project from the beginning, positively acknowledged that we now travel in great comfort. The Sprinter took an evasive manoeuvre on the motorway at 110 km/h with ease, through no fault of my own. Thank you!!!”
Denis S. from Halle

“I am very satisfied with the shock absorbers”

“…I am very satisfied with the new Marquart shock absorbers…”
René Schmid from Herisau