“You know your job perfectly!”

The previous owner of my motorhome, which is only 3 months old, had Marquart shock absorbers retrofitted (understandably). However, the Iveco (specialist??) company that fitted these dampers had not checked whether the parts procured by the vehicle owner himself would also fit. Due to the deviation in length, there were problems with the air suspension, which could have been avoided if the maximum length of the dampers had been checked and compared with the installed ones before installation. Although this problem was not the responsibility of Marquart, they immediately replaced the dampers with suitable ones without any “ifs and buts” and at no cost. That’s what I call perfect customer service, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Temporarily, the original dampers had to be installed, so that I could actually experience the difference for myself. Another compliment to Marqart: You know your business perfectly, because your dampers are in a class of their own. The consistently good reviews of this company are obviously no fake! Thanks to the whole Marquart team and especially to Mr. Wördemann!
Anton F. from Goldbach