“Yes, I am thrilled”

“Now after four weeks on German country roads and motorways in the Harz, in the Eifel, in the Ruhrpott, north of Hamburg and in Meck-Pom, I can say that the investment in tuned Marquart shock absorbers on the front axle has had a very positive effect on the driving characteristics of our Carver. Especially the many bumps on the motorways are easily absorbed without any further rocking or jumping, as it used to happen with the old original Iveco shock absorbers. The inclination in curves and sensitivity to crosswinds have become noticeably less.

For the journey home, I chose a well-known stretch of road that I know very well and that has a lot of bumps and transverse gullies. Previously, with the old Iveco shock absorbers, I could only creep along at a speed of between 60 and 65 km/h and still had to brake before the largest visible bumps, otherwise the Carver would sway until the front axle jumped, but the air suspension did not fail. This time I took my chances and always drove at a speed between 75 and 80 km/h and didn’t even brake.

Conversation with my wife: “Why are you speeding like that, think of the moose and reindeer, they’re out and about at this time of night.”
I: “Another shock absorber test on this swing track, it won’t be dark any more and we’ve already seen our “compulsory moose” in Sweden.
She: “The new shock absorbers are really better”
I: “Yes, I’m thrilled.”
Thank you for the good advice and service.“
Walter B. from Selbu