“Thank you for your fine solution“

“No matter which slope my MB Vario 816 4×4 has to master, the safety gain is enormous. The rolling motion over the longitudinal and transverse axles is significantly less, without the vehicle becoming uncomfortable. Despite the 0.5 bar lower tyre pressure on all wheels, even cornering is a pleasure. (A colleague said: finally it drives like a Mercedes). The improvement in directional stability is striking, no matter what the road surface is like. When fully loaded up to a total weight of 7.5 tonnes, your “chassis” can really show its advantages. Here you can feel the heavy load specialist … The vehicle clambers much smoother through the terrain. As a result, there are far fewer “hard” impacts due to the reduced willingness to dive and thus abrupt pressure peaks on the tyre contact patch. The vehicle simply does not dig in as quickly. Thank you once again for your fine solution.”
Klaus S. from Schwerte