“Significantly better driving behaviour“

“Even on a short trip to the petrol station, I could clearly feel the difference and was very surprised. Yesterday we set off in the direction of Upper Bavaria and were delighted with the new dampers after almost 250 kilometres. Even my better half noticed a much better driving behaviour from the passenger seat.

The rumbling at the front axle is no longer present and bouncing in potholes has also disappeared. The inclination when cornering is kept to a minimum and better directional stability is guaranteed, even in ruts. Although the damping has become significantly firmer, you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a sports car and rattling your teeth. My conclusion for this decision is a clear YES, I would do it again and I should have done it sooner. In my opinion, almost €1,300 is not a small amount, but it is probably a much better investment than other gimmicks and I can really recommend it.

Finally, I would like to point out that I do not receive any commission for advertising. I have compared a few providers and made my decision and that is/was a good thing.“
Jürgen W. from Herxheim